About Evolution in Harmony

Who is Evolution in Harmony?

Evolution in Harmony is a first-class male a capella group offering a fresh take on harmonic style music.  The group celebrates the sound of tight harmonies while creating a place where singers come for the music and stay for the friendship.

Why Evolution in Harmony as a name?

Because it truly defines what we want to accomplish in both our musical and community relationships. The word evolve  means to “develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form," while harmony is about "forming a pleasing and consistent whole." Our members are focused on listening, learning, and blending with each other to form a pure sound - one that is both complex and simple at the same time.  

What is The Hunterdon Choral Alliance

Evolution in Harmony is part of the Hunterdon Choral Alliance. The Alliance delivers programs focused on preservation of barbershop harmony as an artform, singing for our community, music education in schools, and providing free group singing lessons. Your donation funds these programs and the needs of three choruses – The Hunterdon Harmonizers, Vocal Synergy and Evolution in Harmony.

You can make a donation to support these groups on the Hunterdon Choral Alliance donation page



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